Websites and Blogs

Blogs I follow:
Katie @ The Wellness Mama
Katie has a wealth of information on her blog, we have similar beliefs, she has five children… and I just genuinely admire her. I feel like in real life we could be friends.
Erin @ The Humbled Homemaker
Erin seems so sweet, and she has tons of awesome articles about her parenting tips.
Beth @ Red and Honey
Beth has lots of awesome information from gentle parenting to homemaking.
Dr. Amy @ The Skeptical OB
Dr. Amy may come across as a bully sometimes, but I value the studies, statistics, and the stories she reveals and keeps track of.
Doula Dani @ American Homebirth
Doula Dani values statistics about birth, and I applaud her for publishing them on her blog.
Rachel @ Hands Free Mama
This is not so much a health blog as it is a lifestyle/general blog about staying in the present, how technology effects children, and not letting technology distract us from the ones we love.
Emily @ The Freckled Fox
This is a lifestyle/fashion blog. Emily is pretty impressive, she has great style tips and ideas. What I love most is that she has five kids (all under 5!), so she is pretty inspiring to all mamas.

Websites I follow:
Natural News
CDC Data & Statistics

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