The Health Shock
Wellness, simplified.
**All images, posts and pages are copyright to The Health Shock, 2013-2015.**
My goal is to present health and nutrition in a way that isn’t so overwhelming, and in a way that you can decide what is most important to you to change and improve.

About Me:
I am a 25 year old.
I am a wife.
I am a mother to one little girl, pregnant with our second.
I am in Florida.
I am a writer.
I am certified in holistic nutrition consulting.
I am a Weston A. Price foundation member.
I am a sci-fi author of one novel.
I am a lover of cooking.
I am a lover of traveling abroad with my husband and learning about other cultures.
I am an ex-natural birther.


What this blog is for:
Learning about healthy foods, recipes, and nutrition benefits.
Voicing my opinions and viewpoints on my own lifestyle including but not limited to motherhood and family life.
Learning how to implement a healthy, balanced diet that isn’t overly complicated or guilt/worry related.

What this blog is not for:
**Personal photos on this blog and social media will not include the faces of Chelsie’s children and/or spouse to protect their privacy. Thank you for understanding.**
Vaccine debates. Personally I make choices based on a large number of factors, including religion. I will not discuss these choices because every parent needs to do their own research for their own family, and I am not a pediatrician and have no professional expertise that I would ever be able to evaluate or give you advice about your own vaccine decisions.
Circumcision or Non-circumcision. Again, this is another topic that is related to religion thus will not be mentioned here.
Mom shaming. This includes breastfeeding vs formula feeding. Shaming another mother when she is trying her best is not right and won’t be tolerated. I will not be promoting one over the other.
Name calling. Debate and not agreeing with another person is just a part of life, and it is healthy. What is not healthy is being emotionally abusive on the internet. Any name calling comments will be immediately deleted. Learn to disagree in a way that is not childish.


I have a Holistic Nutrition Consulting certification from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.




10600371_10152199983041650_7432281161433648744_nMy Health

At 19, I had beginnings of cervical cancer which I had to have cryosurgery for. I was petrified of not being able to have children. That year I spent doing a lot of research, willing to try anything, and I found a Native American salve that I decided to try. I went in and out of abnormalities that year, and after I used the salve, I was thankfully cleared- and have been normal since.

At 22 I began having UTIs very frequently. That year I was in a tough spot and could not afford health insurance, so I usually wasn’t able to get antibiotics for this. After two weeks-one particularly painful UTI sent me into the emergency room, and it had nearly reached my kidneys. I was treated for it- and it cleared, but it left me with lots of bladder problems which finally had a diagnosis a year later. It was:
Interstitial cystitis.
I continuously try to manage this, because I’ve been told it is chronic. It involves bladder pain after eating/drinking an irritant, a major flare up makes you feel that your bladder is stinging and you have to go to the bathroom… but nothing happens.

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