Neutral baby ideas!

I’m more than half way through my second “neutral” pregnancy. It’s sometimes difficult to find products and ideas for surprise babies! I thought it was tough the first time around but now- it’s a little more so since I’ve already scoured most of the neutral zones in most baby stores. 🙂
Most people always ask what gender the baby is, and most are usually surprised to know we don’t know the gender. Some moms ask how we do it- or if it drives us crazy!
Truthfully it’s been harder the second time not knowing than the first time, because I’m interested to know if she’s getting a brother or sister, but we are committed to having surprises, and so we wait until the birth day! Boy or girl- it’s actually fun finding cute baby neutral stuff, it’s more challenging ;).

The positives to having a gender neutral baby!
A few tips I would give to moms expecting surprise babies is this-

    • Always make sure the ultrasound tech knows you want it to be a surprise before starting. The more you limit yourself to only getting ultrasounds if they are truly needed- the less chances there are to slip up or to be tempted (if you are the type to chomp at the bit about it!) We only get ultrasounds when truly needed, and it ends up usually being only 2-3.
      There are some positives to not knowing! People won’t give you gender specific items, and so if you plan on more than one baby this works in your favor!
    • Neutral. Neutral. Neutral items. The car seat was a big expense for our first baby. We got a neutral one. Now we can use it with our second baby, and we bought a new one for our first child. And if we have a third child, we can use the newborn seat again with the third! That’s some savings right there! We got a neutral stroller, painted the nursery neutral, got neutral baby supplies, seats and high chair, bought neutral onesies and clothes, and it can ALL BE USED AGAIN!!! I just separate the neutral clothing from girl clothing into different boxes so if it’s a girl this time we can use ALL the clothes again. They can share the room without oddness because it was already a simple beige and white theme.
    • The naming dilemma. We have had a few names picked out. We are pretty certain about 1-2 for a boy and 1-2 for a girl. When we were going to have our first baby we vowed not to tell anyone (even our parents) the name ideas because we didn’t want anyone’s influence or opinions about the names to sway or challenge our picks. It drove my mom crazy but it’s just in people’s nature to feel a certain way about certain names, especially if it’s not already the baby’s name. PLUS we REALLY wanted it all to be a surprise at the birth- surprise gender, surprise name! It just seemed to make sense, it was fun and old fashioned to us. And we never got into any name battles or dilemmas. We knew that we were 100% unswayed by outside views about our name choices. Oh yeah- and the other plus is that we can reuse all our favorites from the first baby without it already being known. 😉
    • No room for disappointment. I am a little harsh here I guess. But look- you have a living baby. Just having a baby that is living and breathing is already something to be thankful for. Then- if your baby is healthy mentally and physically, wow, you are blessed. No abnormalities? No physical restrictions or special needs? Wow. Be thankful. This is one of the many reasons that waiting to find out the gender is so beautiful. It really makes you concentrate on the baby’s well-being more than the gender. Husbands, boyfriends, mothers and family members don’t get a chance to feel a ping of unjustified disappointment if they aren’t getting the gender they want. You can’t change it, after all! It’s much harder to feel any disappointment when staring at the miracle of a newborn baby.

The most challenging part I found with preparing for baby was that it was hard to find keepsakes and items that weren’t gender specific. Going into a baby store is where everything is MOSTLY gender specific. People just don’t have surprise babies that often anymore! Nobody wants to wait!

One of my goals for each baby was to have a few items that they/I would keep forever and each of them would have. Here’s some tips for achieving this.

For each baby I chose:
1 white newborn onesie-coming home outfit. (Write the date of birth on the inside of the onesie after they are home and then keep it in a safe place. I’m planning on eventually framing all my babies coming home outfits together.)
1 white mini blanket. (This was a tough choice but I wanted them to have something they could actually safely sleep with when they got a little bigger and it was quality enough to last forever. I am planning to embroider their first initial on the blanket corner.)
1 matching stuffed animal. ( I wanted them to have 1 matching stuffed animal because every month I take a photo of the growing baby sitting next to it. So I just choose different colors for each baby. One day they can look and compare exactly how small they were next to the stuffed animal. Which I think is really cool.)
1 Baby specific stuffed animal. For our first baby I went with foxes. I didn’t even intentionally do this at first- then I realized that it made it a little bit easier as far as neutral items go.
1 Baby specific security blankey. Same story as the stuffed animal. This will be one of the safest things to put in the crib when baby is ready, so therefore it will become a really sentimental item.

My little secret- pick an animal. This helps because it allows you to go beyond the greys, yellows, whites and beige’s that come with a neutral baby. It makes things so much easier, “theme” wise. And there are tons of options. Bunnies, foxes, zebras, owls, giraffes, ducks, frogs, racoons, tigers, lambs, puppies, bear, lions, monkeys, elephants, hippos, lambs, whales, cows, pigs, ponies, deer. You’ll want to choose an animal that there are cute stuffed animals for. ❤

Don’t get discouraged. Remember, after your baby is born is when you get to go out to the store and pick a cute outfit that is gender specific! Plus, everyone will be excited for you and you will get cute pink or blue gifts after the baby is here. 🙂

Without further adieu, here are some baby things close to my heart.

Neutral Baby One:    “fox” theme                 Neutral Baby Two: “zebra” theme
Matching newborn coming home onesie.
Matching white mini blanket.
Matching stuffed animal.
Baby specific security blankey.
Baby specific stuffed animal.

It helps to pick out an animal or one thing that is specific to the baby.
Baby one without intentionally doing so I bought two fox items. Then I incorporated that into the “theme.” I wanted them to have some matching things, but special items that are specific to them and their individuality. For baby two you can see that I went with zebras. Good luck with your neutral baby endeavors and stay positive! Before you know it you will be all encompassed with the baby just after they are born and they say, “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” And you’ll spend the next month thinking…. I can’t believe I have a little girl/boy. ❤

It’s really special to have a surprise baby- and you will spend the newborn months in awe that you have that gender!

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