Anti-Kell Antibodies: A rare but serious risk for babies. Part Two.

We got the news. My husband is Kell negative. We have been thanking God and so grateful that we escaped a possibly challenging journey with our second baby. I believe everything happens for a reason- and maybe that reason is that I needed to blog about this issue and raise awareness for it.
My heart still aches for all the babies lost and struggling to the Kell antigen.
Head over to Losing Lucy and Finding Hope to learn about baby Nora, a Kell positive baby. I have been hoping nothing but the best for this family.

It was the most difficult week waiting on blood results. I read so many studies and did so much research. I think this was meant to happen though, because I have a whole new outlook about everything now.
I really realized that worrying about pitocin and epidurals was a bit trivial and paranoid. I came to appreciate the maternal fetal medicine specialists, OB/GYNs and perinatologists that work every day in America for the sole purpose of helping babies arrive to this world safely.
I don’t place more value on having a “natural birth,” but I place more value on having a “safe birth.”
The babies that go through Kell neg/pos have a tough road, and some of them wouldn’t make it without interventions.

So if it took this to help me grow and let me learn a lesson that interventions aren’t always evil, then I think that God places this in our lives as a sign, and learning opportunity.
Because of this scare- even though we were cleared to be low risk we still decided against home birth, and looked at this as a sign to have a hospital birth instead.

I will continue in the Kell research to try to raise awareness and possibly help anyone going through this in any way I can.
My prayers are with the babies and families going through this. I am so thankful we were lucky enough to learn that our baby is not anemic.

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