Nutrition doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

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So you’re browsing the internet, just tipping your toe in the proverbial health/nutrition waters. But everything you are finding feels really difficult, and overwhelming, and not so fun really. The people writing these articles and blogs you imagine as gurus.

They make their own tooth paste, they home school their children, they haven’t used commercial shampoo in years. They are cloth diapering, fast food rejecting, bone broth making, kefir brewing people. They know how to use apple cider vinegar, and every herb to cure many ailments.

You don’t even know where to start.

See, when normal folks visit these types of nutrition websites- it all feels very overwhelming. What to start first? What’s most important? It’s all about priorities.

First- let me explain there are really two types of nutrition people (in my opinion)

The conventional health/nutrition people. I’ll call them the Skinnies. They know how to manipulate their bodies. They know about counting calories, which nutrients are good for what, and all the conventional nutrition wisdom. You might find them in the gym a lot. You could also find them at GNC supplement stores, maybe they drink those diet shakes. They post photos of freezer meal plans that have one piece of baked chicken and broccoli on the side for the week on their facebooks. (Those gross me out… I just can’t imagine eating a piece of chicken and a side of veggies every single day for lunch and then hitting the gym for two hours.) The chicken is just regular chicken and the broccoli is probably from the freezer section. Most of them don’t really get into the organic thing… (although some do.) They still believe in conventional medicine. I’ve seen some hospital nurses still in their scrubs with lean cuisine frozen meals at the grocery store… this is sort of an example of these people.

The holistic/wellness nutrition people. I’ll call them hippies. (Fondly, because I myself am one) They want to nourish their bodies and optimize their well being. It’s not about counting calories but rather incorporating certain vitamins, nutrients and minerals. You might see them wearing “barefoot shoes” to connect with the earth better. Maybe they carry their babies in slings. They don’t touch fast food. They put a lot of energy into health practices that take a lot of time, (such as kefir brewing, saurkraut making, or bone broth.) They know all there is to know about “free-range” and “organic.” They could also incorporate political and lifestyle practices into their lives, (vegan, vegetarian etc.)

Some people could be a mixture of both. But I believe that most people are exposed to the “skinnies” of nutrition first. Also, by the way, I don’t claim to be better than anyone. I just know what I believe and what works for me and my well being and sense of joy. I have a sense of place among the “hippies,” because I truly believe in most of these practices and health wisdom. I also respect and admire their environmental appreciation.

It makes me remember how I have evolved with my health journey. It wasn’t all at once, just like most people. Here’s a timeline that I can remember to the best of my ability.

First I cut out fast food, then I saw more and more documentaries.

Next I started getting more into cooking, and researching.

After some health problems I was let down by the medical industry. I had some painful procedures that didn’t really help.

I then dove completely in trying to heal myself.

I then started- and completed my certification in Holistic Nutrition.

I still learn every day, and I still read and experiment.

So there it is. I’m no expert. I don’t claim to know it all, my point though is that everyone starts somewhere. Try not to feel so overwhelmed and try to start small and work your way up. Remember, every change you make impacts you and your health! And if you haven’t suffered health problems yet- you are ahead of the game. Most people wait until something is wrong until they make changes. Stay strong and keep on learning!

In an effort to help with the overwhelming nature of learning about nutrition, I have created a series of blog posts to help you on the path to better overall well being. If you are already doing some of these things- great! This is intended as a start for those that want to start their journey into holistic healing and nutrition.

The series is called “Health and Wellness simplified: a beginners guide.”

For each post I will explain one task or change to incorporate, why, and the benefits of doing so. You can start off by making this change and depending on your comfortability, then you can progress to step two. You can move at your own pace.

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