Diets suck.

If you care about your health- not your weight, then you can lose weight anyway. First, have a yearning to feel good, to feel energized, and to also be satisfied.

I am not a believer in counting calories. To me- that is no way to live. Now, I have nothing against juice fasts or Weight Watchers. Hey, it’s helped a lot of people, and that’s great. But I don’t really believe in diets though personally. There was a few years ago a time where I was going through personally tough times and I gained way too much from overeating and too much alcohol. I wouldn’t call what I did a diet- but I did a juice fast for three days and then just started caring again about what foods I was eating.

I like cookies sometimes. I like to have a glass of wine on rare occasions. I believe that weight is less important than health though.

That sounds like it makes no sense, but to me- it makes perfect sense.

Some people, yes, they are at an obesity level that is unhealthy and they have to do something drastic. But to me- the second you tell yourself your “on a diet” you feel deprived, and unhappy. When you start counting calories, you become stressed and overwhelmed. What happens when your body is stressed? It clings onto weight.

If you tell yourself- health matters, instead of weight matters. It makes the difference. When I see really fit people counting calories and going to the gym an hour a day, depriving themselves of anything enjoyable, good for them, but it wouldn’t make me happy. I like to take the French for an example. They don’t deprive they moderate.

Portion sizes matter. Eating slowly matters. It’s okay to feel hungry. Your body doesn’t actually feel full until about 30 minutes after you start your meal. So if you eat heaps and heaps of food until it’s all gone. In 30 minutes you have that extremely heavy full feeling. Try giving yourself a small portion, and then when it’s done, wait. Or distract yourself, have the meal with your significant other or your family, have a conversation while eating and before you know it you’ll feel full and your plate might not even be empty.

Sometimes you just can’t be unrealistic. Think of it this way. If a chocolate cake is your thing, and you tell yourself “I’m on a diet, so no chocolate cake.” When the month ends and you get your hands on a chocolate cake, you are going to shovel chocolate cake in your mouth. And since you’ve already had chocolate cake why not go to Olive Garden and have an entire plate full of pasta. Now it’s all about guilt, and you feel terriblly guilty, and celebrities on magazine are staring back at you at 100 pounds telling you about the latest fad diet.

You see where I’m going with this. Nothing against Olive Garden but, whoa. Have you seen those portion sizes? One plate could feed a family of four in other countries.

Moderation not deprivation. If you deprive yourself for too long, you will break. It’s human nature. If you love chocolate cake- make your own chocolate cake, get some unbleached flour, some raw sugar (real sugar), make a high quality organic cake.

Have you ever seen these kids with hippie parent’s who do not allow them to eat sugar. Don’t get me wrong, sugar is bad. White sugar is absolutely bad. But these kids don’t have sugar for years, then all of a sudden Halloween comes around and mom and dad aren’t around to moderate and the kid is puking in the corner because of eating 5 pounds of candy. This isn’t natural. Moderation is a true facet of life, and of being a healthy individual. It needs to be sought after and it is achieved through balance.

I like cookies on special occasions. Nice, organic, cane sugar cookies. Sometimes I make them, sometimes I get some at Whole Foods. Since I do not tell myself I can never have cookies- when I do get my hands on some, I will eat one or two- even three, and I will feel satisfied. But I also tell myself that a cookie is a treat- a special occasion, it’s not something to have every day. If I want a dessert on normal days- I will have some strawberries, blueberries, a mango, or another fruit of choice.

When my husband and I got engaged in Paris, we went out to celebrate. I made reservations for a two star Michelin restaurant, and it was the best meal I have ever had. Because it was so expensive we made reservations for lunch (same food- lower price). There was five, maybe six courses. It was a very tiny amount of food. There was things I have never seen (or couldn’t tell what they were), one course was a meat of some sort, one course had fish, another included olives. With such tiny portion sizes I thought for sure I’d be hungry afterwords. There was no salad, there was no American style dessert, it was a dessert of sorbet and raspberries. Also a small portion size. Let me tell you something- I was completely satisfied, and I felt amazing. It was the best meal I have ever had (although I make some pretty amazing meals at home I must say ; )

If you get some great recipes, and you cook mostly at home, mostly healthy, going for a few walks, I believe you will lost weight if you are otherwise healthy. Oh, never, ever drink diet sodas. In fact- don’t drink normal sodas either. I have never drank sodas- and with my IC I cannot drink soda anyway. But please, if you are concerned with your health- don’t drink these.

Cooking has been a journey for me. I don’t believe I could even feel as healthy as I do without cooking. I get regular recipes, I substitute ingredients, I cook vegetarian, Greek, Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, I love experimenting and making it healthy. I don’t know how anyone can even be healthy without doing some level of cooking (I’m sorry though for those of you who don’t enjoy it because there’s not really any shortcuts for cooking). Of course sometimes I buy an organic frozen pizza, and sometimes I’m tired, but it’s a lifestyle. Sometimes I go out to eat and have sushi (my favorite).

Stay concerned about your health- not your weight.

Health concerned says- I am not having a soda because it has these ingredients in it, and it will make me feel bad.

Weight concerned says- I am not having anything with carbs, sugar or fats because I want to lose ten pounds. It’s only a matter of time before you have one of these and then feel guilty and horrible.

Concentrate that you don’t want to eat something because it will make you feel terrible physically. What are the foods YOU like? I have a mental list of foods I will never eat- no matter what. If you try to do this also, I believe you will feel better, and feel healthier.

  • I never ever under any circumstance- eat fast food.
  • I never eat fried foods.
  • I never, ever drink sodas.
  • I stay away from processed foods like they contain poison.
  • I stay away from food chains. (Sorry Olive Garden) Instead I seek out owner owned, or cultural restaurants where they really care about food quality. Such as Indian, Greek, or sushi, even Mexican food. They have to work harder to bring in customers with their food- because they don’t have all the funds to nationally advertise. The French are offended when a meal comes out immediately at a restaurant- to them, it means that care wasn’t put into the meal.
  • Try to stay away from the evil monkeys. Evil monkeys, high fructose corn syrup, white flour, white sugar, and anything partially hydrogenated. If you like sweets, like I said, buy a quality one, or make it yourself! When you are reading a label of juice or something that looks healthy and it says “HFCS” Just imagine a monkey jumping onto your back and weighing you down. This is diesel fuel. Your body wants to run on green fuel. Don’t recognize anything as a food that great great grandmother wouldn’t.
  • If it has a ton of ingredients, just put it down.

By the way- carbohydrates become sugar in your body. Pancakes, muffins. So I always laugh to myself when people say they are off sugar while they eat a processed blueberry muffin.

You don’t have to worry as long as you are making healthy choices, cooking at home, and doing things yourself. Control your own intake. Life doesn’t have to be about salads when you are trying to be healthy.

These are some large chunks of unhealthy foods that I do not eat. Therefore, why should I feel guilty if I have an organic cookie every now and then?

We are all starving.

If you want a jump start with your health- substitute one of your meals a day for a juice smoothie. Load it with vegetables, and drink up! Most people’s bodies are starving, yes, even fat people. Why is your body starving? People are eating food like products- not real foods. That’s why people are always hungry. We aren’t getting the nutrients we need.

Even when I make three meals a day (which usually I don’t) most of the time I only make breakfast and dinner, with a small easy lunch. Even if I pack nutrient dense breakfast and dinner, I may not get all the nutrients.

I cannot stress the value of a high quality vitamin. NOT the synthetic, cheap vitamins. For a good quality you MUST spend a bit extra. This is SO important. I take a multi vitamin by New Chapter every day, and even if it’s a special occasion day and I’ve had a cookie or two- my weight doesn’t dramatically fluctuate. The body NEEDS nutrients. To see which vitamin I take go to my Resources page.

Please check out this documentary about why diets don’t work.

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